A Weakened Immune System can Often Overreact, Resulting in Autoimmune Diseases Damaging One or More Organs

Which known health conditions caused by autoimmune diseases?

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* How is it happening? A chronic diseases connection
* Adapting right diet is a solution in most cases of these diseases
* Aging and autoimmune disease

This overreaction appears to be happening with diseases like -

* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Multiple Scleroses
* Alzheimer’s Disease
* Parkinson’s Disease
* Autoimmune Thyroiditis
* Immune Thyroiditis
* Lupus
* Sjogren’s Syndrome and
* Crohn’s Disease

How is it happening? A chronic diseases connection

By nature's amazing design our immune systems are made up of two opposing parts — one that facilitates inflammation attacks, and the other that works to shut these attacks down.

If an attack cannot be turned off, considerable damage can be inflicted on body’s normal cells, organs and tissues.

What our medical science, experts and all of us understood as chronic diseases for many years, were actually caused by our own immune systems getting out of control, and lately being called an autoimmune disease.

Adapting right diet is a solution in most cases of these diseases

Latest research provides a convincing evidence that many of above listed conditions are accelerated by some parts of our diet, amount of Omega-6 Oils we consume for example.

Likewise, NOT EATING certain Free Radicals neutralizing, antioxidant-rich foods — such as fruits and vegetables, with solid anti-inflammatory abilities — can also make things worse.

You should visit our Anti Aging Diet page for one of the most efficient ways to stop or reduce effects of above diseases.

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We need to realize that the Mother Nature couldn't expect us to accept pleasures of the "Standard American Diet" (SOD), known by damaging side effects pharmaceuticals as medications, agricultural and industrial chemicals in our food, polluted drinking water and polluted air.

Our immune systems don't have enough flexibility to adapt to all the health damaging "civilization creations" around us happening during last decades.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that filled with vitamins, minerals and flavonoids fruits and vegetables can help to calm down an overactive immune system. Of special importance are the omega-3 oils — particularly DHA.

If eating sufficient and usually recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables doesn’t look appealing to you, a supplementation with high quality antioxidants is the best solution.

On the other hand, some recent studies found that certain used in our agriculture pesticides, like

* organochlorine-type    chlordecone
* methoxychlor and
greatly increase the risk of autoimmune disorders such as lupus and many others. We need to be serious about washing our produce before consuming with available in many good Health Food stores specialized fluids created for this purpose.

Aging and Autoimmune diseases

There is also evidence that as we age, our immune system produces an excess of harmful immune chemicals called cytokines, which trigger inflammation.

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Known results of this cytokines overproduction show up in autoimmune diseases, like -

* Alzheimer’s Dementia
* Parkinson’s Disease
* ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis often called Lou Gehrig's disease)    and even
* Heart Failure, during which this process really goes wild.

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