Ravages of Aging Can be avoided by using the best anti aging products

What are the best anti aging products and approaches REALLY affecting our health and longevity the most?

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* A role of Healthy Lifestyle in our anti aging effort
* Anti Aging Diet and anti aging process
* A role of Genetics in anti aging
* Digestive System performance and anti aging
* Environmental Pollution and anti aging
* A Science of Theories of Aging

Over the years, many theories have been created as to why we age. Some think it is because the body just wears out, much like an old car.

Yet, we are not machines — we are living cells and organs that are constantly repairing themselves and are able to replace older cells with newer ones. A role of the best anti aging products can't be overestimated.

A role of Healthy Lifestyle in our anti aging effort

Getting Older: It happens to everyone. One day you wake up, look in the mirror, and the person looking back at you is a little bit older than you remember.

Selection of the best anti aging products comes from a better understanding of theories of aging.

It also allows a better manageable and comfortable aging process. Selecting the best anti aging products and adapting several simple anti aging lifestyle rules allows to intervene and preserve our youthful characteristics.

The most influential aspects of our health are positively affected by following an Anti Aging Lifestyle what basically comes down to deciding on what we eat, drink and applying several simple rules on handling important parts of our lives. Understanding theories of aging helps to find the best ways to slow it down.

Unfortunately, our farmland exhausted its reserves of minerals and basic nutritious elements many years ago. The vegetables and fruits we consume don’t provide vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we need to stay strong and support our health. We need to look for the best anti aging products to overcome this limitation.

Anti Aging Diet and anti aging process

The natural anti aging formula has to involve an Anti Aging Diet supported by a well directed selection of Anti Aging Supplements, including the best anti aging products, addressing our specific Health Concerns, family history and genetics.

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Almost 30 years ago US Department of Agriculture came up with a Food Pyramid which didn’t have any science behind it but had very well directed special interest groups’ financial desires.

This USDA pyramid and its health “expert” supporters dramatically increased our health care costs by creating millions of obese people, as well as dramatic increase in the number of cardiovascular and cancer deceases in our country.

Knowing Theories of Aging and following their conclusions helps to eliminate the damage of many years of following this absolutely wrong approach to our food consumption.

Recently USDA established and published new recommendations, replacing the old "pyramid" with a "plate". If you think this new graphical representation eliminates a primary motivation of satisfying special interests groups - think again!

A role of Genetics in anti aging

You can also see a Change Your Genes page, showing effective ways to avoid genetically inherited issues in many cases. Knowing Telomeres Theory in addition to other Theories of Aging removes pessimistic thoughts about inherited health issues, and leads to specific health improving actions. You should visit both links in this paragraph to have a better understanding of this theory.

Our Above Genetics Page shows ways to control our own genetics and also influence genes we pass to future generations.

You might also want to visit our human longevity statistics page to see that our genetic makeup didn't change during last 2 million years, and what affects it.

Digestive System performance and anti aging

An efficient utilization of the best anti aging products by our bodies depends on our Digestive System being in a good working order, what is very often not the case at all. Acid Reflux is one the most common and disturbing health problems of this system. Please follow the above links to learn more.

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Numerous studies show that an average person carries 12-22 pounds of unaccepted by our bodies fecal matter on the walls of intestines. Not only it contains myriads of poisoning toxins, but also doesn’t allow good bacterial flora to exist and do its work.

We should also know and remember that digestive enzymes are also among the best anti aging products, especially if have concerns regarding our digestive system. If a celiac disease or other food intolerances are among our health concerns, visiting this link should provide very useful information.

Environmental Pollution and anti aging

Of course we can't forget about our industry polluting our air and drinking water with thousands of toxins. The same with chemical food additives uninvited but entering our bodies, bringing in foreign to our bodies toxins. We have to develop a habit of periodically cleansing ourselves from them, using the best detox nutritional supplements to do that. At least some of them should also be on the list of the best anti aging products.

If we are concerned with intoxication by Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Cadmium or other heavy metals, a Chelation Test is the most effective way to verify that. An EDTA Chelation Therapy is the best way to cleanse our bodies from it.

If a Chelation Therapy involves too much time and expense for you and you can't afford it, you should review our master cleanse page for much less time and expenses consuming options.

We all need to become more responsible for our own aging health - there is nobody else we can count on. Learning what science of aging is discovering to protect us is a promising way to protect our happiness in the future.

A Science of Theories of Aging

We would all like to enjoy the good life, no compromises and “horrors” of growing old, well up into our nineties and hundreds, -– before passing away peacefully in our sleep.

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We believe that this is what Mother Nature designed us for. However and unfortunately modern medicine is designed to just keep us breathing - whatever the price, keeping accounts of pharmaceutical companies loaded above any imagination.

Theories of aging research became very intense during last decades. Both – private and federal millions are invested into related studies. The following primary theories explaining the aging process were developed and continue being researched and studied:

The Free Radical Theory of Aging
The Inflammation Theory of Aging
The Endocrine Theory of Aging
The Telomeres Theory of Aging

These theories currently are enjoying the most attention, and you can find their brief descriptions by following the above links.

The Inflammation Theory should be a concern for every one of us. We found it necessary to also include a Combat Inflammation page, believing into its importance.

The same is true for Endocrine Theory, showing an extraordinary importance our Thyroid Gland plays in our general health and longevity, and what we should know about tests which are designed to inform and protect us in case of Thyroid Gland disorders. These tests are described on pages behind the links below:

Thyroid Test Page
Reverse T3 Thyroid Test Page

As it is described on the Thyroid Gland page the most common thyroid gland disorder and many related symptoms we need to deal with is a hypothyroidism. On our hypothyroidism treatment page we describe how holistic doctors are usually suggesting to do it.

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We can find answers to our related to each of these theories Health Concerns, after figuring out which of them are applicable to our specific situation.

Free Radical Theory of Aging Page
Digestive System Page
Enzymes Page
Celiac Disease Page
Probiotics Page
Endocrine Theory of Aging Page
Inflammation Theory of Aging Page
Telomeres Theory of Aging Page
Above Genetics Page
Anti Aging Supplements Page
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