Just about everything that can go wrong as we age can be linked back to causes of inflammation in the body

Causes of Inflammation in the body and their stages

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* Diseases we should know linked to inflammation in the body
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In most circumstances, inflammation in the body is a normal part of the body's healing process... But when inflammation gets it out of hand, it can lead to some of the most common problems associated with aging. Just about everything that can go wrong as we age can be linked back to this condition.

Usually, it is a good thing at the beginning, right after any damage to the body occurs. It is a normal response created by our immune system. However, newer and rapidly accumulating scientific evidence now indicates that when this condition continues for too long or is too intense, it can be very destructive, and even result in many diseases.

Diseases we should know linked to causes of inflammation in the body

The following diseases and health conditions are linked to causes of inflammation by numerous scientific studies:

* Cancer
* Diabetes
* Heart Disease
* Stroke
* Osteoporosis
* Parkinson’s disease
* Alzheimer’s disease
* Lupus
* Lou Gehrig’s disease
* Multiple Sclerosis
* Arthritis
* Neurodegenerative diseases
* Depression
* Anxiety and even Autism

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Our Immune System and our Prostaglandin System play a major role in this process as scientific research shows. They interact with each other and either enhance Inflammation or reduce it. A process which is supposed to speed up the recovery often goes into overdrive, causing far greater problems - autoimmune diseases.

We are what we eat, drink and breathe. Following or ignoring an healthy diet can either enhance the process and protect our health or send it into other direction and further increase the damage. In addition to our diet, the key players that are influencing this process are:

* injury
* infections
* toxins
* genetics – see Control Your Genes and Above Genetics pages.

A quite sizable list of diseases is linked to causes of inflammation in the body, with Cancer and Heart Diseases being among primary killers of our time. Below you can find links, addressing these two and several other health conditions.

It is very important to know a special role of Free-Radicals in creating many disturbing health conditions in human bodies. Our own immune system is releasing high level of free radicals into our tissues and blood as soon the process starts. If you didn't do it already visit related page following the link in this paragraph.

What we must know to protect ourselves from causes of inflammation

Various studies show that free radicals and lipid peroxidation – (the chemical breakdown of fats or lipids by free radicals) in cell membranes strongly stimulate the growth of inflammation and create an environment for developing many other diseases.

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It is very popular among treating cancer mainstream oncologists warn their patients not to take antioxidants and other supplements, because they would interfere with the treatment.

However, many studies demonstrate that antioxidants as a part of properly selected anti aging supplements which reduce inflammatory condition can also reduce growth and spread of cancer or prevent it, improving general condition of cancer patients.

In fact these studies have shown that many nutritional anti aging supplements, like fish oil and some others had a great positive impact:

* They greatly improved conventional cancer treatments
* They reduced complications
* Improved long term outcomes have been reported on cancer patients

For more information on managing out of control inflammatory process you can see this Combat Inflammation page.

Prescription Drugs side effects became one of the major dangers of our time. Our site is suggesting various natural alternatives to popular medications mainstream doctors are routinely prescribing to us. You can follow various underlined blue links on our site to appropriate pages.

Common traditional medical treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs ibuprofen, aspirin or steroids like prednisone are often useful for acute problems, but they interfere with the body’s own immune response and lead inevitably to serious and deadly side effects.

As many people die every year from taking anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen as die every year from asthma or leukemia. Stopping use of these drugs would be equivalent to finding the cure for asthma or leukemia, among other diseases.

You can also see our Digestive Enzymes page to learn more about these very valuable nutrients and their un-measurable role in preventing and treating inflammation.

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