Hydrogen peroxide therapy is practically unknown in the USA

What is Hydrogen Peroxide therapy as a holistic health treatment?

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* Why we must use the food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (HP)
* Why Hydrogen Peroxide is so very effective
   * HP and cancer
   * HP and germs
   * Brain health improves by using hydrogen peroxide
* How does Hydrogen Peroxide work for internal applications
* Purchase and use of Hydrogen Peroxide
* Dilution and administration procedure
* What to do if you don't like the solution's taste
* Other Hydrogen Peroxide uses
   * Hydrogen Peroxide might eliminate a need for a gum surgery
   * Hydrogen Peroxide for teeth whitening and Gums healing
   * Hydrogen peroxide therapy for a topical use
   * Hydrogen Peroxide for a vaporizer

More than 10 million people having more than 50 various diseases were treated in Europe by more than 15 thousand health practitioners, during about 100 years, using this very simple and inexpensive therapy. Hydrogen Peroxide therapy is still practically unknown in the United States.

Common medical drugs relieve either symptoms or pain related to a disease, usually leaving the patient with side effects.

The Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, being a holistic treatment either prevents or cures the underlying cause of a disease and leaves no side effects behind.

The human body is composed 70-80% of water. Water is 89% oxygen by weight. Therefore oxygen comprises 62-71% of the body. So, the Oxygen is the most abundant and essential element of the body.

About 90% of our biological energy comes from oxygen, which body needs to survive, properly function and be productive. We can survive for weeks and days without food or water, but only a few minutes without oxygen.

These very brief facts above demonstrate a huge significance of oxygen constant presence for our well-being.

Some of us witnessed oxygen use also in conventional medicine to help very ill patients to survive by applying a mechanical ventilation of oxygen to life support systems.

Hyperbaric - high pressure - oxygen has been used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, recovery of stroke survivors, gas gangrene or decompression sickness, and many other applications – also in conventional medicine.

This page provides mostly based on more than a century long European experiences and even longer period in India and possibly other countries information, suggesting that the primary physical cause of ALL diseases one way or another linked to oxygen deficiency.

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You will see how people prevent or cure various diseases like -

   * cold and
   * flu

as well as much more serious ones like –

   * AIDS (HIV virus)
   * Alzheimer’s
   * Asthma
   * Autism
   * Brain Injury
   * Cancer
   * Cerebral Palsy
   * Chronic fatigue
   * Diabetes
   * Epilepsy
   * Heart diseases
   * Hypertension
   * Learning disabilities
   * Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
   * Multiple Sclerosis
   * Neurological disorders and injuries
   * Parkinson’s
   * Rheumatoid Arthritis
   * Skin disorders
   * Stroke
   * Tuberculoses
   * Ulcers and many others
- using Hydrogen Peroxide therapy at convenience of own home and for pennies a day.

* We can cleanse ourselves from various bacteria, viruses, toxins and pathogens which are eradicated in a sufficient amount of oxygen in our    blood and cells
* Unfortunately only a few doctors are experienced with Hydrogen Peroxide    therapy but they cure “incurable” diseases using this therapy.

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We can cure most of the above health conditions using Hydrogen Peroxide therapy ourselves, right at our homes and spending not more than a few minutes a day. I am preventively using Hydrogen Peroxide therapy myself and have the first hand knowledge of effectiveness and details.

As we have already mentioned on many pages of this site - you should always discuss any of your healing intentions with your doctor. Hopefully your doctor is open-minded and decides to help you at least by monitoring your progress.

If your doctors decides to learn and become knowledgeable and experienced with Hydrogen Peroxide therapy while following your effort, we all win.

If you had an organ transplant a consultation with your doctor is a must before even thinking of using Hydrogen Peroxide therapy!

If you are wondering about safety of the food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, which is used in described here Hydrogen Peroxide therapy - it has been given the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation by the FDA.

Why should we use the food grade Hydrogen Peroxide therapy?

The Oxygen Peroxide therapy doesn’t really “cure” diseases but creates an uninhabitable environment for disease microorganisms, harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. This frees up and boosts our immune system enabling it to heal the body, not wasting all its time to fight the above foreign invaders.

For additional information on functions of your immune system and important supplements to keep it well supporting your needs, you can visit the following side:

Your guide to understanding the body's master antioxidant glutathione and its vital role in maintaining a strong immune system; what depletes glutathione levels and how to raise it safely and naturally; foods containing glutathione precursors, and much more.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide is a systemic therapy, affecting the body as a whole, instead of one specific symptom, organ or a part of the body. It creates an environment that enables the body to cure itself, especially from diseases caused by viruses, harmful bacteria or microorganisms, pathogens, toxins, while contributing to the vitality of healthy cells.

The body possibly needs other important nutrients like Omega-#, Fatty acids, Magnesium, CoQ10 and others, but only oxygen is in a such critical demand that an insufficient supply makes the body develop diseases and its absence causes the body to die within minutes.

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Oxygen Peroxide therapy takes into consideration the human body’s chemical composition and all elements interacting with each other within the biological parameters of the body, maximizing its positive affect and making any adverse effects virtually non-existent, if administered as recommended.

Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide therapy costs just a few cents a day for a recommended dosage if we buy it from a reputable producer, and it takes about one minute to administer.

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy can be used for humans or pets.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy stood the test of time – its successful use was first recorded over 220 years ago by French physician Caillens who cured his patient’s tuberculoses using it. In the 20th century Oxygen therapy was re-introduced for use in medicine and surgery also in forms of intravenous injections, and oral inhalation for therapeutic purposes.

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy has yielded the most stunning effects in reversing the broadest spectrum of diseases during all period if its recorded use.

Why Hydrogen Peroxide therapy is so very effective?

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy has an incredible number of our health preventive and improving applications. Alternative health practitioners and researchers have yet to find a disease that doesn’t respond well to this therapy, and when used properly there are no known risks, unless the user undergone organ transplant. Stimulated by hydrogen peroxide immune system can reject the “foreign” transplanted organ.

A highly Oxygenated body is not only immune to disease, but it also destroys a disease that already exists in it.

Even if all of us would remember to breath deeply throughout the day, and even if our cities, towns and other residential areas had clean air with sufficient amounts of Oxygen, which they don’t because of air pollution, it still wouldn’t be possible to take in as much oxygen as our bodies need in order for healing to occur and health to be restored.

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Only 15% of the oxygen we inhale is absorbed into the bloodstream.

In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for proving that viruses cannot proliferate or exist in an environment with high levels of oxygen. That is because viruses are anaerobic, what means that they occur and thrive only in the absence of oxygen.

Our immune system goes into a weakened and suppressed state when the body locks oxygen.

   Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and cancer

Dr. Warburg has been quoted as saying, “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous .” He further stated that the primary cause of cancer is insufficient oxygen at the cellular level, and that cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.

All of us have cancer cells in our body and they are just seeking a low-oxygen environment where they can start multiplying into the full-blown disease. Cancerous tumors shrink when put into contact with oxygen.

There is a general consensus among the most advanced holistic doctors about the need to oxygenate the body to prevent and even cure cancer and other degenerative diseases.

   Hydrogen Peroxide therapy and germs

Germs, bacteria, viruses and pathogens are not necessarily cause disease, but rather seek out environments where they can thrive best – and that is in oxygen deprived bodies.

You can possibly wonder what happens with the good bacteria – probiotics - very necessary for our digestive system and other organs optimal performance after we use this oxygen therapy.

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Hydrogen peroxide therapy doesn’t harm but can actually improve our good bacterial flora, because good bacteria are aerobic, which means they flourish in oxygen-rich environments. Disease-causing bacteria are usually anaerobic, which means they are much better in environments with less oxygen.

   Brain health improves by hydrogen peroxide therapy

We described various unhealthy brain symptoms on our brain health page. Most people are mostly concerned with inability to stay independent and independently keep taking care of themselves in light of an epidemic of weakened memory condition among aging population of our (USA) country.

It would be difficult to find people who are not looking for for effective treatment of Dementia and ways to improve and increase memory ability of their brain.

Our mainstream medicine doesn’t look very successful in helping victims of this epidemic. Some studies explain a dramatic increase of people with memory disorders by gradual oxygen deprivation of sufferers’ brain.

In other words, if we have an oxygen depleting lifestyle, chances are our brain function has been compromised to one extend or another. Most people suffer this oxygen starvation without even knowing it. All of them are looking for ways to increase memory and a treatment of Dementia.

In addition to just decreasing memory function, lack of oxygen causes many other conditions, such as –

* depression
* lack of energy
* irritability
* malaise
* impaired judgment, and many other health issues.

Hydrogen peroxide therapy restores sufficient supply of oxygen to the brain what leads to –

* reversal of the brain damage
* improves alertness
* boosts energy
* improves memory
* improves concentration and
* even IQ.

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One of the most exciting prospects is that hydrogen peroxide therapy shows a great promise as a way to prevent, treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

Estimated 4 million Americans suffer from it and approximately 360,000 develop it each year. Some researches expect the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease to quadruple over the next 50 years. All these people are looking for ways to increase memory functionality or a treatment of Dementia.

The personal, economic and social ramifications of that cannot be overestimated. The hydrogen peroxide therapy can dramatically reduce these numbers and come to rescue, so many other realities senior citizens are facing while getting older can be eliminated. More and more holistic doctors believe it will prove the best therapy for all age related diseases.

After usung this therapy we can discover that it can be also better than the best vitamins for depression.

How does Hydrogen Peroxide therapy work for internal applications?

Hydrogen Peroxide therapy (often also called bio-oxidative therapy) is one of the Oxygen therapy approaches. Other respected by holistic practitioners ways to administer Oxygen for therapeutic purposes usually involve Oxygen either in the form of Ozone or Hydrogen.

Ozone (O3) and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) are the simpliest sabstances available for effectively oxygenating the body. When dissolve in the body, they both give up the extra oxygen atom in their molecular configuration, producing an oxygen-rich environment in the body.

Hydrogen Peroxide is known being more readily available and easier to use – we can use it at home to prevent and cure a wide variety of diseases.

The Hydrogen Peroxide therapy stimulates the movement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells to a greater degree than is usually reached by other means. These higher levels of oxygen in the tissues kill bacteria and viruses along with defective tissue cells being removed. Normal cells survive and multiply more rapidly. We get a healthier body as a result.

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Purchase and use of Hydrogen Peroxide

We can purchase 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide, either in our local alternative drug store or on the Internet. It is usually sold in plastic bottles of 1, 2 or more pints. This is the only product which in a diluted form applicable for an internal use.

While diluting the product we need to be careful – 35% food grade product can burn our skin if we spill any of it. Immediately flush it out with water and the white burns disappear fairly soon. I went through this experience a few times.

Even at slightly over 10% strength hydrogen peroxide can cause neurological damage. We need to be careful while diluting the original 35% food-grade product. The process is fairly simple (see below) and I personally didn’t find any complications while doing it.

For keeping diluted product for a daily use I was using a usually recommended 4 ounce glass bottle with an eyedropper. I keep this diluted solution in a refrigerator between uses, as usually recommended.

Properly labeling the bottle might prevent any accidental or erroneous use. We have to be extra careful if having children in the house and keep any of it out of their reach. The remaining undiluted part of the product we need to keep in the freezer.

For diluting the product we use only distilled water. It is inexpensive enough in most supermarkets at least in our area. Any use of chlorinated water should be avoided. It can reduce the effectiveness of the diluted solution.

Dilution and administration procedure

The process is reasonably simple.

Before each daily use we need to prepare 6-8 ounces of distilled water in a clean glass. Using an eyedropper count a planned for this specific administration number of drops and drink the diluted solution.

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A recommended by many years of successful use administration consists of several usage periods/cycles consisting of 3 equal diluted amounts daily. We need to always use about 6-8 ounces of distilled water to prepare the solution for any one of 3 daily applications.

First day we administer 3 drops in the usual 6-8 ounces of distilled water 3 times a day.

Every following day we increase the number of drops by one – taking 4, 5, 6, and so on 3 times daily IN THE SAME 6-8 ounces of distilled water every time.

In 23 days we reach 25 drops 3 times a day in 6-8 ounces of distilled water and this brings us to the end of our first administration period.

When we completed our 23 days long first cycle we need to gradually decrease the dosage again by one drop a day until we get to the maintenance dose of 3 drops in 6-8 ounces of distilled water 3 times a day.

We should continue this administration of 3 drops per day in 6-8 ounces of distilled water for as long as we feel comfortable with an achieved result, or forever if we want the result stay with us.

Again, this suggested protocol is based on years of successful experience of thousands of satisfied users.

If we have a serious condition, we may wish to keep taking 25 drops in the same 6-8 ounces of distilled water 3 times per day for one to three weeks at the beginning of our maintenance period, before tapering down to 25 drops two (2) times per day for up to 6 moths before going to the regular maintenance dose, as described above.

Otherwise, we can reduce the maintenance schedule to between 5 and 15 drops based on how we are feeling regarding the original condition.

Some experimenting should help finding the most effective individual administration schedule for every one of us.

What to do if you don't like the solution's taste

The hydrogen peroxide is not completely tasteless, so at some point of adding drops some people can discover that prepared solution tastes like bleach. I never tried to taste a bleach so I didn’t feel its taste while taking the solution.

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Some people can’t even drink it approaching a dosage of 25 drops. Some literature is suggesting chewing sugar-free gum, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, after drinking the solution to solve the problem.

The other suggestion is to dilute hydrogen peroxide in 6-8 ounces of milk, aloe or watermelon juice instead of distilled water. Another option is to reduce the number of drops we put into each glass and increase number of glasses we drink each day.

If it helps, drinking some water after each administration is another acceptable option.

Another rule is taking the solution on empty stomach. The best is to drink the solution at least one hour before mealtime and/or at least three hours after it.

Hydrogen peroxide can react with foods bacteria in our stomach, resulting in excess foaming, nausea, and possibly vomiting in some people, especially if we reduce the time before/after mealtimes.

If we become nauseated at a certain dosage level even if keep time to meals as suggested above, we need to keep taking that dosage for a few days until feel comfortable, before trying to increase it.

It is not very common, but some people may experience nausea, fatigue, diarrhea and cold or flu-like symptoms as the body attempts to expel large amounts of dead cells. This situation is called “the healing crisis” which is the body’s reaction to the removal of disease-causing or toxic conditions.

If it happens to you, don’t stop your regimen. You may be uncomfortable for only a few days, but it means the therapy is working.

Some people may also find that their skin may break out for a few days or a little longer. They may even develop boils or other types of skin inflammations. These symptoms are also showing that oxygen helps the body to get rid of toxins. These symptoms usually pass in a few days.

If we feel any of the above listed or other similar symptoms we need to be patient knowing that our body is ridding itself of disease or/and toxins and within a few days we will begin feeling much better.

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We tried to make these brief explanations as easy to understand as possible, but if you have any problems or questions regarding it, please use the Contact Us form and let us know. We are glad to help.

Other Hydrogen Peroxide uses

   Hydrogen Peroxide therapy might eliminate a need for a gum surgery
and is probably the best treatment for other gum diseases.

After performing about 1000 periodontal surgeries Dr. Paul Cummings of University of North Carolina adapted treating his patients with hydrogen peroxide therapy achieving 98% success. He is reporting that hydrogen peroxide therapy is more effective than the periodontal surgery and it is now rarely necessary.

The possibilities of hydrogen peroxide therapy in dentistry are recognized by many dentists who use it treating various gum health conditions. You can find some additional related information below.

   Hydrogen Peroxide therapy for teeth whitening and Gums healing

We can use hydrogen peroxide therapy for teeth whitening, brushing teeth with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Such brushing will not only whiten our teeth, but also prevent or/and heal most gum diseases and fight cavities.

If we pour one ounce of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide into 11 ounces of distilled water we get 12 ounces of 3% solution which can be used for various purposes including teeth whitening. This 3% solution should be stored in a refrigerator if not immediately used.

The above described 3% food grade solution can also be used in a full strength as a mouthwash.

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It can be mixed with baking soda for use as toothpaste to fight cavities and cure gum diseases. Many commercially produced popular teeth whitening products on the market are effective because of their hydrogen peroxide content.

You can get the same teeth whitening results right at your home by dipping cotton swabs into the 3% food grade solution and gently target specific teeth. This safely whitens natural teeth and safely lifts stains from porcelain crowns and veneers.

We should do this twice a day preferably after regular brushing our teeth.

You shouldn’t rinse the solution out after applying with cotton swabs, and do not drink or eat for at least 20 minutes after application, not to reduce the optimal contact time.

   Hydrogen peroxide therapy for a topical use

Topical use of hydrogen peroxide therapy shows that it is an excellent antiseptic that can be used to clean cuts and other wounds. We can use a 3% topical oxygen peroxide solution “for external use only” found in most drug stores or supermarkets, directly onto the skin. It is also very effective in the treatment of acne and persistent diabetes related wounds.

Please be careful and never even think to use this 3% - “for external use only” solution for any internal applications.

   Hydrogen Peroxide for a vaporizer

If you are planning to administer hydrogen peroxide mist as a nasal spray or through the use of a vaporizer to combat breathing and sinus related disorders, you must use only a food grade solution.

We can dilute a one ounce of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in one gallon of water and use it in a vaporizer every night for much easier breathing.

We can use it this way for emphysema and even cancer patients. This approach provides users with numerous breathing benefits.

If you are interested with any other uses of hydrogen peroxide contact us with any questions. We have much more information about this product than is practical to have on this page.

You should also see our Ozone Therapy page showing other ways to oxygenate the body and so destroy viruses and even antibiotic resistant bacteria as well as successfully treat dozens of severe diseases.

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