We need probiotics for keeping our digestive function in a good shape

We need probiotics to digest nutrients from our food

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Having healthy digestive intestinal flora - in a good shape - is a major part of the Anti Aging Solution.

Trying to resolve many digestive system problems we need to accept that not only “we are what we eat”, but also what we digest and our digestive system can absorb.

If our bodies can’t break down and absorb our food efficiently, the effects can go much farther than just occasional abdominal discomfort. Our entire health might be severally affected. Our digestive tract should be seen as a source of all the nourishment every cell in our body needs and hopefully receives.

In order for our digestive system to perform to our and Nature’s expectations it has to support nourishment of the body’s organs and functions.

We need to take top medical-grade probiotics supplements to protect ourselves against cancer and other diseases.

While not a cure or an assurance that cancer will never strike, the best of the friendly bacteria super strains have the ability to metabolize any procarcinogens that escape and convert them back into noncarcinogenic substances.

Additionally, beneficial bacteria are capable of altering certain enzymes (such as b-glucuronidase and nitro-reductase) that turn procarcinogens into carcinogenic agents.

The "bad" bacteria that secrete these destructive enzymes include Clostridium and certain Bacteroides, among others. The ability of active super strains of Lacidophilus bacteria, for example, to neutralize these harmful enzymes is one of their most important contributions to cancer prevention.

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When disease-causing alien cells are able to permeate the intestinal walls and enter the bloodstream, the immune system must act. As long as strong colonies of friendly bacteria line the intestinal tract in full force, these harmful micro-organisms will not be able to get through, thus lightening the immune system's heavy workload.

Probiotics for healthy digestive system

We need to support the most important aspects of our digestive system’s performance by accepting at least the following important rules:

1. It has to be cleansed to remove collected from previously ignored poisons, chemicals in our food and drinking water, prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Various studies found that an average person has up to 22 pounds of old fecal matter attached to walls of intestines and colon, creating a multitude of health damaging possibilities.

This cleansing can be performed using numerous herbal products you can find in many good Health Food Stores.

2. We have to restore our good intestinal digestive flora, which is called probiotics, and generally includes the following types of bacteria:

* Lactobacillus
* Bifidobacterium and
* Acidophilus

- which among other functions also fight bad (pathogenic) bacteria in our bodies.

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Any poisoning or chemicals in our food or drinking water hurt our intestinal flora, reduce it in both amount and quality.

We always have a certain ratio between the good and harmful (pathogenic) bacteria in our bodies. In normal conditions the ratio is relatively stable and we don’t have what is called dysbiosis, but often it is not the case.

According to various studies tens of millions Americans have intestinal dysbiosis and don’t even know about it. An overgrowth of bad bacteria is linked to the following health problems:

* often diarrhea
* yeast infections
* various skin itches and other skin rashes
* gingivitis
* halitosis (bad breath)
* bladder infections
* immune leading to autoimmune problems and even
* colon cancer and
* breast cancer.

If we have any of above symptoms of dysbiosis, most of traditional medical doctors can’t help us, completely ignoring any importance of the intestinal flora.

Even worse, most of our traditional doctors are very easy on prescribing antibiotics to us, completely ignoring that these medications kill all good bacteria together with the bad ones. If we ever had any reason for taking antibiotics, it could create a dysbiosis, with any number of the above symptoms.

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While dysbiosis created by taking antibiotics should be quite obvious, less obvious is dysbiosis caused by eating the meat of antibiotic-fed animals. Most large commercial meat producing operations feed their animals powerful antibiotics which when consumed, can also destroy good intestinal bacteria.

If we have children or grandchildren having any digestive abnormalities, questioning a history of them taking antibiotics for any other health problems can lead to an explanation and a solution.

Dysbiosis is not a minor problem in children health. In a small child it can cause such severe diarrhea that even death can result. In addition, it often results in years or lifetime of –

* bowel problems
* including irritable bowel syndrome
* inflammatory bowel diseases
* chronic constipation
* recurrent diarrhea
* bowel yeast overgrowth
* autoimmune arthritis, and other autoimmune disease
* potential future cancer of the colon or breast.

3. Probiotics create nutrients and allow digesting them

In addition to suppressing the pathogenic bad bacteria, good bacteria performs a number of other useful functions. They allow our food to be digested and nutrients to be absorbed and enter the bloodstream.

Probiotics create some especially needed for our health nutrients like Vitamin B-12 and others. They are also responsible for the metabolism of hormones, estrogens in particular. Abnormal metabolism can produce powerful compounds that may cause breast as well as colon and other cancers.

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A recent study found that women who frequently take antibiotics are at a higher risk for breast cancer, because the antibiotics kill the good bacteria that metabolize estrogen in the colon.

Important to know that some mainstream doctors can routinely culture our stool, discover an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria but then prescribe more antibiotics, never even considering replacing the missing good bacteria. We ourselves need to question such treatments and insist on taking care of the good intestinal flora.

Probiotics help healing various health conditions, like -

* leaky gut syndrome
* food allergies
* vaginal infections and
* bladder infections
- among others.

Probiotics are very important to our immune system functioning effectively and properly, preventing food allergies, helping repair the gut lining.

Likewise, these same probiotics species were found to rapidly restore normal permeability in cases of leaky gut syndrome, where food particles enter the blood stream from holes in the GI tract. It also suppresses Candida yeast infections.

People with sick digestive tracts, especially those having the leaky gut syndrome, are at a high risk of having bad bacteria in the intestine pass through the microscopic holes in their intestine, enter the blood stream and cause infections in other organs and tissues — even the brain.

This also can be a major problem during surgery and a major cause of post-operative infections.

We shouldn’t ignore overgrowth of bad bacteria in our digestive system.

When bad bacteria overgrow in the colon, digestion is impaired, what leads to fermentation of undigested carbohydrates that can lead to

* bloating
* flatulence
* diarrhea
* constipation and
* fatigue.

Under these circumstances, people become intolerant to soluble fiber in high fiber foods, which worsen the fermentation.

The beneficial carbohydrates are called prebiotics and include FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides), lactoferrin and arabinogalactan. The last one is a fiber, which besides feeding the good bacteria, also stimulates immunity.

Scientists acknowledge that 80% of our immune system is in our digestive system. We shouldn’t ignore that.

Besides their importance in digestive systems health, probiotics can significantly reduce the incidence of bladder infections, especially in women.

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There is strong evidence that when the vaginal flora (good bacteria) is reduced, bladder infections become more common. We should know that bladder infections of any kind that exist before surgery are one of the more common sources for wound infection after the operation.

A study conducted by the Department of Urology at a medical university in Japan found that vaginal suppositories containing Lactobacillus strains of probiotics significantly reduce urinary tract infections in women.

A large number of women suffer from vaginal infections (called vaginosis) that can lead to painful intercourse, foul discharges, and itching.

While yeast is the leading cause of this condition, sometimes harmful bacterial overgrowth is the problem. Normally, much like the colon, the vagina is inhabited by beneficial bacteria that suppress yeast and pathogenic bacterial growth and protect the urinary tract as well.

Choices to make when selecting probiotics

We can visit any good Health Food store and purchase probiotics, preferably the refrigerated brands. This can cure many above symptoms, sometimes in hours after taking them.

The number of organisms in a probiotic supplement is very important to success of this supplementation. Generally, the dose should contain at least 5 billion of them.

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Preferably we should look for a refrigerated version and look for capsules which are not affected by our stomach acid. Such special capsules allow the bacteria inside to reach small intestines without being destroyed on the way.

Not all probiotics are equally good for us. At least one recent study found that Lactobacillus was much better at promoting production of protective mucin in the Digestive tract than any of the other organisms tested.

Some of us possibly have heard that yogurt is good for us because it has some good bacteria. Generally it is a true statement, but we need to know that most store bought yogurt is heavily pasteurized. This pasteurization is killing off the helpful bacteria, making yogurt useless for obtaining probiotics.

We also need to know that yogurts with “live cultures” that we eat do contain bacteria, but our stomach acid may kill off the bacteria before it makes it to our small intestine.

The same is true for sour cabbage. Some holistic doctors suggest eating it about two times a week to restore our good digestive bacteria.

But it would be helpful only if we make it ourself or have an access to a home made version. Usual pasteurization is killing all the so needed by our intestinal tract good bacteria.

For treating pediatric diarrhea it was found that Lactobacillus GG, lactobacillus sporogens, and Saccharomyces boulardii (a form of beneficial yeast) were the most effective. Another study found that Lactobacillus rhamnosus was more effective in treating childhood diarrhea.

If above information is not your case or as a preventive measure against any future digestive problems you can visit our Enzymes Page to learn more.

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